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Air Compressor System

Air Compressor System Design and Installation

Air Compressor Repair

Reciprocating and Screw Air Compressor Repair

Automation Field Work

VFD & Softstart Field Work and System Testing

Automation Repair

VFD & Softstart Repair

Centerpivot VFD

Custom Built Centerpivot VFD

Custom Controls

Enclosed & Unenclosed Reversing Starters

Electric Motor Repair

Electric Motor Rewind & Recondition

Encapsulatiing Winding

Rewinds and New Motor Winding Encapsulation

Fan Repair

Motor Repair/Replacing and Fan Balancing

Gearbox Repair

Any Brand Gearbox Repair

Large Motor Rewinds

Form Wound Rewinds (up to 4160V)

3R Enclosed VFD Panels

UL Listed Custom Built VFD Enclosures (1-700HP)

Gen Set Panel Builds

UL Listed Custom Built Gen Set Enclosed Softstart & VFD Panels

Type 12 Enclosed SS Panels

UL Listed Custom Built Softstart Enclosures

Specialty Pump Motors

Specialty Large HP Pump Motors

Large Special Application

UL Listed Custom Built Multiple Motor Application

Z-Frame Motors

Custom Built Motors Per Specification

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