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Browning-CBN 3000

Helical Concentric and Right Angle (.08-50HP)


Centerpivot Helical Gearboxes (.6-1.2HP)

Browning-IRA Syncrogear

Right/Left Angle Gearbox (up to 5HP)


Centerpivot Worm Gear (1-1.5HP)


Worm Gearing

Cleveland Gear-M Series

Modular Speed Reducers

Cleveland Gear-Helical

Helical Shaft Mount Reducers

Specialty Gear Reducer Applications

Custom Speed-Reducers

Sumitomo-Paramax SFC

SFC Cooling Tower Drive Series


Paramax 9000 Series (up to 4.9 million inch-pounds)

Sumitomo-Cyclo 6000

Cyclo 6000 Series

Sumitomo-Cyclo HBB

Cyclo Helical Buddybox Series

Sumitomo-Cyclo Centrifuge

Cyclo Centrifuge Drives

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