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Amarillo Industrial Electric, Inc.

Amarillo Industrial Electric, Inc. began as a U.S. Electrical Motors service facility in 1972. The original location was on Johnson Street in downtown Amarillo. In 1974 the business was moved to our present location at 2829 Mays Avenue. After the move in 1974, U.S. Electrical Motors added warehousing of new motors and repair parts to our facility.


In 1981 all U.S. Electrical Motors facilities were acquired by Emerson Electric, the parent company of U.S. Electrical Motors. After the acquisition, our name was changed to Emerson Industrial Service Division. Under the leadership of Emerson, a huge investment was made in the business to purchase Electrical apparatus repair equipment. These capital expenditures coupled with the recruitment of talented service technicians allowed us to become a full service electric motor sales and service facility.


In 1990, Emerson Industrial Service Division was acquired by ABB, the leader in Electrical Apparatus manufacturing, sales, and service in Europe. Under the ownership of ABB, additional capital investments were made in the business pushing our business to the forefront of the electrical apparatus sales and service business in the five state area that we serve.


On September 1, 1996, the Amarillo location of ABB Service was purchased by local management. The cost advantages of local ownership has allowed Amarillo Industrial Electric, Inc. to become the premier sales and service facility in the marketplace. AIE as our company is better known now has customers in at least 38 states and many other countries of the world. We provide a very strong local sales and service presence while providing sales support for our more distant customers.



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