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Vertical Hollowshaft

US Vertical Hollow Shaft Motors (3-600HP)

Custom 3R VFD Enclosures

Custom Built Type 3R Enclosed Variable Frequency Drive (1/2-700HP)

Custom Built Soft Start Enclosures

Custom Built Type 12 Soft Start Enclosures (10-350HP)

US Closed Coupled Pump

JM & JP Close Coupled Pump TEFC & ODP Motors (3/4-60HP)

Weg Close Coupled Pump

JM & JP Close Coupled Pump TEFC & ODP Motors (1-100HP)

Marelli Generators

Single and Double Bearing Generators

Lima Mac Generators

Double Bearing Generators

Durst Wheel Drive

Durst Heavy Duty Wheel Drive

Helical Gearmotor Modules

Helical Gear and Motor Modules (.6-1.2HP)

Worm Gearmotor Modules

Upright Center Pivot Gearmotor and Motor Modules (1-1.5HP)

Center Pivot VFD

Type 3R Custom Built Variable Frequency Drive Enclosure for Center Pivots (1/4-1/2 Mile Units)

Generator Station Automation

Custom Built Enclosed VFD and Soft Start Gen Set Units

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